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Malco Super Duty Compound Product Demo.

March 17th, 2010 1 comment

This marvelous product was given to us by the Malco Vendors at S.E.M.A Expo in Las Vegas. We have tested this product on countless painted surfaces to test its capabilities. Not only did the Malco Super Duty Compound meet our expectations, it exceeded our doubts with painted surfaces deeemed irreparable by our competitors. Watch as this product demonstration serves as evidence of yet another miraculous product emerging from the Malco bloodline!

-Detailing Pro-

Wet Sand and Buff, Before and After

July 16th, 2009 Comments off


Wet Sand and Buff, Before and After part 1. This classic 1969 Ford Mustang received a paint job a year ago. At the owner’s request, we were honored and privileged to perform a paint correction on this marvelous machine. This video shows paint flaws and imperfections that only a wet sand and buff can remedy. There may not be too many visible flaws on video as nothing can emulate the pure resolution of a human eye, but part 2 as you scroll further down, will justify this statement.

Wet Sand and Buff, Before and After part 2. This video emanates the true beauty of a classic american machine. Notice how all the flaws and imperfections have been eliminated and all that is left is a glossy wet appearance. This type of service is performed here at E Cars Auto Detailing in Aiea, Hawaii.

Flex Orbital Buffer Demonstration

June 28th, 2009 Comments off

This Flex Orbital Buffer Demonstration is performed here at E Cars Auto Detailing in Aiea, Hawaii with favorable results. In combination with a few other products, this Flex Orbital Buffer (model – XC 3401 VRG) proves to be the tool of choice when versatility is needed. You can get the best of both variations of buffing tools. A conventional orbital sander converted as a buffing tool provides too light of a cut and at times may drag out a job. Direct drive rotary buffers provide too much cutting which may result in paint swirls and even burns if not carefully used. The Flex Orbital Buffer (model – XC 3401 VRG) is a cross between the two, making it the best of both worlds. This tool demonstration provides utility and versatility without a compromise to quality. This tool is available at Pak Shak and Shea’s Luxury Detail in Aiea, Hawaii.

No Rinse Wash and Shine Product Demonstration

June 27th, 2009 Comments off

This “No Rinse Wash and Shine” Product Demonstration proves real time video footage with promising results. We at E Cars Auto Detailing put the product to the test on this exceptionally dirty 2006 Subaru WRX STI. It is a well known rule to auto detailing professionals and auto enthusiats alike, that a sudsy car wash soap is needed for proper lubricity when removing dirt on all painted surfaces. No Rinse Wash and Shine puts a curve on that theory. This product not only lives up to its promise, but exceeds our expectations. With the instructions followed to the “T”, No Rinse Wash and Shine delivered a scratchless and shiny, spot free surface. This product can also be used to create windshield washer fluid and clay bar lubricant. One 32 ounce bottle of No Rinse Wash and Shine can create 64 gallons of this miracle liquid. The utility and cost of this product makes an unbeatable deal that no other auto wash soaps can match. Hats off to Optimum Polymer Technologies for this creation. No Rinse Wash and Shine is available at Pak Shak and Shea’s Luxury Detail in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Convertible Plastic Window Restoration

June 20th, 2009 Comments off

Convertible Plastic Window Restoration is a premium service that we offer at E Cars Auto Detailing. This service is commonly over looked and as a result, may cause a potential customer to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars (depending on the top) to replace the entire top when all thats needed is an inexpensive fix that the demonstrator facilitates in this short video. This may appear as an easy fix to most people but keep in mind that the demonstrator is a trained professional. Years of experience and product knowledge is an imperative element when it comes to the restorative craftsmanship of any detailer.
~Convertible Plastic Window Restoration~

Headlight Resurfacing Demonstration

June 18th, 2009 Comments off

Headlight resurfacing demonstration video shown here is a service we perform daily here at E Cars Hawaii. From start to finish, we will show and explain the products, tools, and the labor involved. Keep in mind that the demonstrator is a professional in constant practice. For the novice and first timer, labor time may vary as experience is gained. Heed all instructions and practice on junk vehicles before attempting to prospect this service for yourself or for others.

Hard Paint Transfer Removal

June 16th, 2009 Comments off

This Hard Paint Transfer Removal demonstration shows a more stubborn type of paint that got embeded on a customers’ right rear door. Once again, the stain proves to be no match for a simple spray of non chlorinated brake cleaner.

Wet Sanding and Buffing

June 12th, 2009 Comments off

Wet Sanding and Buffing paint (also known as Color Sanding) is by far the most commonly pursued option when it comes to correcting paint imperfections or restoring gloss to avoid the high price of a professional autobody shop. When done right, a proper wet sand will reduce the use of compounds and emanate a more pronounced shine after buffing. Applications for this type of service are normally used for gloss restoration, scratch removal and reduction, removing orange peel appearance, paint etching (caused by bird droppings, acids and similar caustic substances), clear coat reduction (autobody), or just getting that perfect flat water appearance. In this Wet Sanding and Buffing Paint demonstration, I facilitate the sanding process with a bare hand behind the sand paper. In my experience, hands can more easily differentiate pressure while sanding blocks can create gouging. Novice or first timers are highly advised to use sanding blocks with a light touch until confidence and experience is gained to facilitate efficiency. Avoid doom and disaster by practicing on body parts that you can obtain by your local auto salvage yards before attempting to offer this service and test variuos products to ascertain your working fashion. Style of work may vary from person to person so take heed on this valued information.

Paint Transfer Removal Demo

June 11th, 2009 Comments off

This paint transfer removal demo shows the easiest way to remedy those, “Oops! I think I hit something”, marks that commonly happen on a day to day bassis. This trick works on removing chalk, bugs, tar, severe overspray, and most types of paint stains. Wet Sanding & Buffing may have to be facilitated if this process fails, and that will be another process aired on this forum so stay tuned…..

Resurface Headlights

June 9th, 2009 Comments off
Resurface Headlights

Resurface Headlights

Resurface Headlights – Most people are lead to beleiving that severly oxidized lamps that have lost more than fifty percent of its light emanation needs replacement.  In some states where safety checks are performed, some people are forced to spend three to five hundred dollars to replace them so that a safety check can be acquired.  At E Cars Auto Detailing, we save people hundreds of dollars every week by performing a Resurface Headlight service.  Here at we will soon have a how to video on performing this particular service so stay tuned…